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If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.


The server has now closed. If anyone would like to takeover the server then please message me. The website will be staying up for the foreseeable future along with the teamspeak server. Thanks to everyone who has played over the years.

Survival World Download

Creative World Download

The server is now on a full dedicated system giving us room to expand and add more gamemodes. As well as survival and creative, we now have a factions and minigames server! Due to evolving into a BungeeCord networked server, this means chat, staff and ranks are all seperate. You can see staff ranks below.


[Admin]  Lockss, jensds2000

[Mod]  assassin_master7, Sonicsky1, Wise_Mog


[Admin]  NetherGirlMS

[Mod]  MCLucy. Blackbird26


[Admin]  Arielmich

[Mod]  numskull777, Goegles, SuPeRxSmILeYY69


[Mod]  freeke0000, PenguinBoy33

To change to a different server you can type /server. Type /hub or /lobby to go back to the portals spawn.

We've been working hard over the past few days to make some changes to the server. It is now live on the server, but what's new?

The spawn now has quartz jump blocks and sound effects added to double jump. An improved tab list you will also notice. Done.

Nether and end portals now link up correctly and you can get from survival to nether and back and return to the same location. Done.

New survival world, this includes a spawn town where you can left click different NPC's to buy and sell items. You will be notified when you leave the spawn area and can build. Done.

New creative plots world, each plot size is 96 x 96 but you can claim multiple as you rankup and use /plots merge. Make sure you don't confuse the town command /plot with /plots. Done.

Voting is not added back yet. When I do it will have many more rewards and voting sites. Done.

A horse plugin has been added, it is an updated version of the one we previously had. Now you need your own saddle and it doesn't give you one automatically. You can claim a horse by taming it. Done.

Two extra survival ranks have been added, one requiring 10 days and one requiring 20 days. Creative now has a rank system also based off your playtime. Make sure you check the benefits on the rank pages. Done.

Quests are now setup. Type /warp quests in game to have a look. They will allow you to complete tasks to earn money, exp, items or another reward. More suggestions are welcome, you can post your ideas here! Done.

You can click here to download both the 1.7 and old 1.8 world.

Hey guys,

The server is now back online and as it was in February. For anyone who has played before, let me know a rough playtime you were on and I will restore your rank. Over the next week or two, I plan on making a few changes to the server:

Add some extra ranks after Legend for survival, let me know any name suggestions in the comments please.

Add a rank system for creative, this will allow you to have more plots and eventually use WorldEdit after playing for a long time.

New survival world, fresh start, new inventory, you keep all your money. The 1.7 world will be taken off and archived, if anyone wants a download link for it let me know.

MinecraftWars will be revived in about 5 weeks time when I am off and have time to complete coding it.


Hey guys, I need a survey completing for feedback on a trailer I did in college. For anyone who fills it out properly with as much detail as possible, you will recieve 20 points for helping me out :) After you've completed it, leave a comment on this post with your name and I will reward you. These points can be used to purchase lifetime premium ranks and you can check how many points you have in game by doing the command /enjin points.

Thank you!!!

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