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Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
IP: mc.evolvegaming.co.uk

Operation Blackout

[Owner] slater96 a
slater96 @ Evolve Gaming

In order to try and get Mojang to revert recent changes made to the EULA, Evolve Gaming will be contributing to Operation Blackout. This means that on August 1st 2014, when Mojang will enforce the new EULA, the server will be whitelisted. For more info go to the link below:



Evolve Gaming TF2 Highlander

[Owner] slater96 a
slater96 @ Evolve Gaming

Hello there! 

(All links can be found at the bottom of this announcement) 

Recently, TF2 has started an event called: Highlander Open. Highlander is the competitive side of TF2, and with Highlander Open everyone can create a team and have fun! Evolve Gaming has also made it's own team called Evolve Gaming, of course. So, if you want to take a bite in competitive TF2, now is your chance! 

Create an account on the etf2l site, which organizes all the matches. It is supersimple and quick! Once you've got an account set up, you can click our team, where you can request to be accepted. I will accept all participants, but the group may be full at nine people, so be quick! The signup ends at 26th of June. Once we have a full team of nine players, we can start separating the roles, as each class is only played once. It will be an amazing experience, let's own those other teams! 


http://highlanderopen.org/ Higlander Open site, read for information. 

http://etf2l.org/ Sign up here with your Steam account (http://etf2l.org/help/faq if you need help, or ask slater96 or Larszet) 

http://etf2l.org/teams/20868/ Our team, try to join once you've got your account on etf2l.org. You can also post your Steam ID, or nickname in the comments or private message. 

<Evolve> Larszet

<Evolve> slater96

Server Updated to 1.7.9

[Owner] slater96 a
slater96 @ Evolve Gaming

The server is now on 1.7.9. When 1.8 is released there will be a new world, but your inventories will stay the same and you will still have access to the previous 1.6 and 1.7 worlds.

Where we used to be survival and creative, we have taken the executive decision to include some minigames on the server! 


Free For All
Zombie Survival
Team Deathmatch

And possibly more!
If there are any features you would like to see added to the server, don't hesitate to make a suggestion!

Happy mining :)

You can now earn points!

[Owner] slater96 a
slater96 @ Evolve Gaming

Now you can earn points on the website by:

- Posting on the forums - 1 Point
- When it is your birthday - 10 Points
- Every 50 posts you make - 10 Points
- Registering on the website - 10 Points
- Filling out a staff application - 10 Points
- Donating or buying a premium rank - 25 Points

These points allow you to redeem premium ranks when you have enough points. To see your point balance, you can go to the forums.

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