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IP: mc.evolvegaming.co.uk

The server is now running 1.8!

Over Christmas I'll be updating the server with new plugins and fixes as well as redoing all of the premium ranks. Have a good Christmas and I'll be back on in a couple of days.

The server is now on 1.8. A new world has been created with a fresh inventory. You still have your inventory in the 1.7 world if you wish to carry on with the old world. I have had to remove ToolSwap and Chairs for the time being, but I will add them back on when they are updated. MCWar is offline until I can make it compatible with the new version of WorldEdit.

A server version for Minecraft 1.8 is expected to be released by early December at the very latest. This means a brand new world as well as new plugins and game modes. See here for more information:

I have decided to go back to Towny, because it offers many more admin commands and I can control the taxes you have to pay much more. This means that all your old towns are back up and if you have created a new town since then, talk to me in game and I will setup your town with you again. Towns are now $500 to start up, $25 for each chunk you claim to expand and you are taxed every 24 hours, do /town in game to see how much.

A week from now, 1.8 will be released. The server will be updated as soon as a server update is released. I've made a thread with a poll on so you can vote how you want inventories to be managed. Vote please!

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