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Option 1 - Click Connect
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If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
IP: mc.evolvegaming.co.uk

The server is now updated to 1.8, however it doesn't fully support any new features at the moment

I have decided to go back to Towny, because it offers many more admin commands and I can control the taxes you have to pay much more. This means that all your old towns are back up and if you have created a new town since then, talk to me in game and I will setup your town with you again. Towns are now $500 to start up, $25 for each chunk you claim to expand and you are taxed every 24 hours, do /town in game to see how much.

A week from now, 1.8 will be released. The server will be updated as soon as a server update is released. I've made a thread with a poll on so you can vote how you want inventories to be managed. Vote please!

Prior to the upcoming 1.8 update, the server has had some changes to plugins and worlds.

A new spawn has been built, which will also have the arena signs for MCWar there too, so everything is in one place. You will have a compass in the spawn world, which you can right click to navigate to worlds or you can use the portals and by double tapping space you can double jump.

MinecraftWars has also improved, you can now spectate on arenas by doing /mcwar spectate [arena] and along with Free For All and Team Deathmatch, we now have Capture The Flag and Spleef game modes. Zombies has been removed, but may be added back later if people want it. The kits can now have potion effects on them to help make things more balanced and it will pick a random non premium kit for you if you don't pick one in time. Also we now have many different types of grenades implemented, some of which you can purchase at the premium rank shop.

As for survival, we are switching from Towny to Villages, which offers the same features as towny plus more and is fully up to date. It uses a scoreboard so you can see the top towns and how long until your taxes are due in hours and in the chat it shows the town you are in. Any rank can create a town once they have £750, but then it is £25 for each chunk you claim. For command help, go to http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/villages/pages/commands/ or ask in game.

The amount of money you gain from killings mobs has been increased, however we no longer have a server shop, you can now create your own player shops instead so you can buy and sell off each other. To do this you need a chest, you put your name on the first line, the item quantity on the second line, third line is the prices e.g. B 20:10 S would be buy for 20, sell for 10 and finally the item id or item name on the fourth line.

A new protection plugin has been added, which means that all your old chests will be unprotected for the time being. If you place a sign, chest, furnace, enchantment table or anything like that, it will be protected automatically now. The command to protect are /cprivate followed by hitting the chest you want to protect or you can use a password by doing /cpassword. To add others, you can either do /cprivate __griffin__ basieladams or if its already created /cmodify __griffin__ basieladams. Type /lwc in game for more commands.

A new horse plugin has been added, this allows you to protect your horses and store and summon them at a cost of £5. When you tame a horse it will auto protect it and give it a random name, you can change the name using a name tag. For commands, go to http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/stables/pages/configuration-permissions/

The creative worlds have stayed the same apart from I moved the spawn point in the freebuild to somewhere open, all the previous builds are still on there.

In order to try and get Mojang to revert recent changes made to the EULA, Evolve Gaming will be contributing to Operation Blackout. This means that on August 1st 2014, when Mojang will enforce the new EULA, the server will be whitelisted. For more info go to the link below:



Hello there! 

(All links can be found at the bottom of this announcement) 

Recently, TF2 has started an event called: Highlander Open. Highlander is the competitive side of TF2, and with Highlander Open everyone can create a team and have fun! Evolve Gaming has also made it's own team called Evolve Gaming, of course. So, if you want to take a bite in competitive TF2, now is your chance! 

Create an account on the etf2l site, which organizes all the matches. It is supersimple and quick! Once you've got an account set up, you can click our team, where you can request to be accepted. I will accept all participants, but the group may be full at nine people, so be quick! The signup ends at 26th of June. Once we have a full team of nine players, we can start separating the roles, as each class is only played once. It will be an amazing experience, let's own those other teams! 


http://highlanderopen.org/ Higlander Open site, read for information. 

http://etf2l.org/ Sign up here with your Steam account (http://etf2l.org/help/faq if you need help, or ask slater96 or Larszet) 

http://etf2l.org/teams/20868/ Our team, try to join once you've got your account on etf2l.org. You can also post your Steam ID, or nickname in the comments or private message. 

<Evolve> Larszet

<Evolve> slater96

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