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NEW IP: minecraft.evolvegaming.co.uk
Where we used to be survival and creative, we have taken the executive decision to include some minigames on the server! 


Free For All
Zombie Survival
Team Deathmatch

And possibly more!
If there are any features you would like to see added to the server, don't hesitate to make a suggestion!

Happy mining :)

Now you can earn points on the website by:

- Posting on the forums - 1 Point
- When it is your birthday - 10 Points
- Every 50 posts you make - 10 Points
- Registering on the website - 10 Points
- Filling out a staff application - 10 Points
- Donating or buying a premium rank - 25 Points

These points allow you to redeem premium ranks when you have enough points. To see your point balance, you can go to the forums.

Hello everyone! I am glad to announce that the server is now on 1.7 and a new survival world has been added. You will have the same inventory as on the old survival world so you can take items across if you wish.

Looking to buy a premium rank? Until the 1st of December, get a massive 50% off any premium rank using the code 'BLACKFRIDAY'. Don't miss out!

The server host has now changed, therefore you will need to connect with the IP above. Everything will be the same for you, only the IP is different and without the port!

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